CA Intermediate Study Plan for May 2020 Exams (7 Months Plan)

CA Intermediate study plan and preparation tips for 2019

Today we will discuss the CA Intermediate study plan for May 2020

After clearing your CA Foundation Level, you register for the CA intermediate level. Intermediate Exams are held twice a year in May and November. ICAI gives 8 months of the study period to Students appearing for their CA intermediate exams preparation.

Students can also opt for appearing in a single group or both group according to their preparation.

In this article, we will tell you the CA intermediate Study plan and some preparation tips for the May 2002 attempt.

As we know, Intermediate is the second level of CA course, and it has been assumed that basic knowledge is clear to the student and now focus of the study is shifted in analyzing and application of the knowledge in a moderate complex scenario.

We assume student can give 9 hours daily to complete the syllabus for both groups or a single group and can spare time to undergo 4-week ICITSS training during the course.

9.45 hours daily *30 days of month* 7 months of preparation gives you 1974 hours to study of total 5040 hours available during these 7 months.

The table below shows how much time should be spent on particular subjects of May 2020 intermediate syllabus for preparation  

Theoretical PracticalSubjectsTime
5%-15%85%-95%1)Accounting(A)300 hrs




2)A)Corporate laws

B)other laws(A)

20%-30%70%-80%3)Cost and management accounting(A)300hrs




4)Income tax law

4b) indirect taxes

5%-15%85%-95%5)Advance accounting(B)300hrs
30%-55%45%-70%6)Auditing and assurance (B)120 hrs
40%-65%35%-60&6a)Enterprise information system(B)120 hrs
50%-70%30%-50%7a)Strategic management(B)120 hrs
20%-30%70%-80%7b)Financial management(B)200
60%-80%20%-40%8)Economics for finance(B)100hrs

As per the syllabus prescribed by ICAI, the course of intermediate level is more of an objective approach, where the first group has more of the practical subject and the second group has more of theoretical subjects like Economics for Finance, Strategic Management, and EIP.

Where EIP, Strategic Management and a few others are scoring subject, students should strive to get exemptions in group second to adjust against group First.

CA Intermediate Study Plan

The study plan below is formulated on the time you need to commit towards study and kind of papers ( theoretical or practical ), you are preparing for. Students can follow this CA Intermediate study plan either appearing for a single group or both groups and accordingly adjust.

Leave a comment below to get detailed study  timetable for individual subject and group

We are suggesting an 8-month timetable for students that can help them in preparing their syllabus of CA intermediate 2020 in a given time.

MonthPractical studyTheoretical study
First month90 hr( 3hrs daily for mth)120 hr(4 hrs daily for a month)
Second month90 hours( 3 hrs daily for mth)120 hours( 4 hrs daily for mth)
Third month120  hours( 4hrs daily for mth)120 hours( 4 hrs daily for mth)
Fourth month180 hours( 6 hrs daily for mth)90 hours (3 hrs daily for mth)
Fifth month180 hours( 6 hrs daily for mth60 hours ( 2 hrs daily for mth)
Sixth month210 hours( 7 hrs daily for mth)60 hours( 2hrs daily for mth)
Seventh month210 hours( 7 hrs daily for mth)60 hours( 2hrs daily for mth)
Eighth month  210 hours( 7 hrs daily for mth)60 hours( 2hrs daily for mth)
Total hrs1290690

The total  (1290+690= 1980 hrs ) has been distributed accordingly between a theoretical and practical portion of the syllabus.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for First Month

The first month is devoted to brushing up your aptitude to the syllabus and focused on the theoretical aspect of the chapter. 

CA Intermediate Preparation Plan for Second Month

The second month is also utilized in building understanding towards the theoretical part of course, as the Intermediate course is vast.

CA Intermediate Third-Month Preparation Strategy

In the last 5 month, the focus is shifted in practising practical problem and clearing doubts.

CA Intermediate Study Plan for Last 4 Months

Last 4 month is an intense time in your timetable where you give your best. By this time you should be clear with the concept and practice a lot on practical problems.

CA Intermediate Preparation in the Last 3 Months

You should relax down and focus on the subject you are good at and try to solve any doubts, difficulties related to that subject or topic. You can also ask for help from seniors or your teacher.

CA Intermediate Preparation in the last 2 Month

You are almost there. Don’t panic if you think you are missing out the course. Be consistent with your study plan, and we are sure you will get some time to revise those left out topic too.

CA Intermediate Preparation in the last 1 month

You have given your best and have been consistent throughout your study time, and then no one can stop you in passing your exams. It’s been viewed many students make blunder during this time.

Either they are overconfident, or they become too nervous, losing mental balance in both scenario. Our advice to students is don’t lose hope and time available to you. Be consistent and focus and stay away from fear and apprehensions.

CA Intermediate Preparation Tips for Last 15 days

Keep calm, keep yourself fit, keep your CA Intermediate admit card, photographs, timetable in one folder and be ready to win the battle.

We also suggest that students should have a healthy routine to keep themselves fit and attentive during study time.

General Tips for All level of Students

Regular Exercise

Indulges yourself in some physical activity for 15 min a day. Being consistent with  15 min workout is sufficient time to boost your energy to a significant level which will help to keep you awake for a longer durations.

Eating Healthy

Eating lots of vegetable and fruits would help you in keeping a proper digestive system, and the problems caused by long sitting duration like gaining weight, leg cramps and headaches can be avoided. Eating nuts like walnut, almonds help in building a strong memory.

Spending Time with Family

Keeping yourself aloof all the time in your study room may diminish your learning capacity. Spending some time with family and sharing your thoughts, revising chapter with friends surely, helps in increasing your learning capacity and also help you to stay away from depression.

Reading Newspaper and Magazine

We advise you to cultivate reading habit throughout your course. Reading newspaper, a business magazine and even books by an economist or subjects on business and economics is an interesting way to keep yourself updated, and this habit will surely make you more confident.

With proper guidance and hard work achieving goals become an easier task.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1 How should I  study for the intermediate course, where I have registered through direct entry route?

Ans: The syllabus remains the same for CA direct entry route and students who have foundation Knowledge, are only eligible for intermediate exams. You should follow the same ratio of time spent in covering the theoretical and practical portion of the syllabus, with the time available after practical training.

We suggest you enroll in some good institute for proper guidance and support.

Q2  Which is the easiest subject of the intermediate course?

Ans It’s very subjective to answer it. It varies to individual likings and understanding.

Q3 How to prepare in the fourth and fifth month for intermediate exams?

Ans They are the crucial month of your study time. You should be focused, and determined. you should avoid unnecessary distraction from social media platforms. You should practice a lot of RTP and STP. An average of 10 hours should be spent on studying during these months.

Q 4 Is it important to practice through previous year question paper?

Ans: Yes, it is important to go through CA Intermediate previous year question papers, CA Intermediate mock test paper, CA Intermediate sample paper, of same ICAI approved syllabus.

Q5 How to study in the first two months of preparation?

Ans: We suggest the student cover their theoretical part in the first two months. This will help the student to have a proper understanding of the subject and will make the application part easier. You can refer to the time table given above in this article

We wish you all the best for the future and

Keep yourself healthy and courageous.

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